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Evening skin treatment brightening, tightening, and clarifying skin with limited inflammation. Balances skin’s natural hydration levels with tropical probiotics benefits.

Don’t let the name fool you....these magical little pads aren’t just for anti-aging...They are a powerhouse product and pack a dramatic punch with only 2x a week use. They are amazing in the treatment of Acne, pigmentation, aging, rosacea. They exfoliate, brighten, tighten, clarify, rejuvenate and balance skins natural hydration levels.⁣ PLUS, They make an excellent spot treatment for breakouts! ⁣


This cutting-edge at-home treatment product delivers the peel, peptide and probiotic experience with a powerhouse formulation. Lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while beautifully brightening skin.


Quantity and Price Breakdown:

Use these powerful pads 2x a week at night after cleansing - One jar contains 25 pads and this should last you approximately  12.5 weeks when used as directed. The average cost per month is less than $16. 


EXFOLIATING: Seven different anti-aging and brightening acids are combined including glycolic, lactic, salicylic and kojic. Lira’s Healing Peptide Delivery System increases barrier protection as it delivers exfoliation with less inflammation.


BRIGHTENING: Hexylresorcinol along with various botanicals like mulberry, licorice, bearberry and Halidrys Siliquosa provide luminous skin brightening.


REJUVENATING: The health of the skin is enhanced with microbiome balancing probiotics and natural antioxidants for a beautiful finish.


Skin Type: Pigmented, aging, lackluster, and acne skin. Conditions skin for clinical treatments refining wrinkles, reducing age spot appearance, and preventing breakouts. 


Science Ingredients:

Glycolic Acid- Skin rejuvenator

Lactic Acid- Brightens skin, part of skin’s NMF

Hexylresorcinol- Evens skin tone, firms skin

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17- Healing peptide delivery system

Myristoyl Nonapeptide-3- Mimics retinoic acid without skin irritation

Myristoyl Hexapeptide-5- Restores skin’s natural barrier

Lactobacillis Ferment- Anti-microbial, skin balancing, Tropical probiotic 

Salicyclic Acid- Antiseptic, astrignent, prevents breakouts

Azelaic Acid- Melanin suppressant

Kojic Acid- Tyronsinase inhibitor 


Ingredients from Nature:

Mallow Extract- Protective, soothing anti-inflammatory 

Peppermint Extract- Potent anti-inflammatory

Bearberry Extract- Evens skin tone, anti-oxidant

Mulberry Extract- Melanin suppressant

Halidrys Siliquosa (North Atlantic Sea Oak)- High in polyphenols, natural SPF, rightens skin

Ginger Extract- Combats premature aging

Licorice Extract- Evens skin tone, anti-irritant, potent anti-inflammatory

Primrose Extract- Anti-inch, anti-irritation

Melissa Extract- Antimicrobial

Grapefruit Extract- Natural astringent, antioxidant

Lira Clinical PRO Anti-Aging Pads

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