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Polishes skin for a brightened, healthy skin surface.


Polish your way to pore perfection. This gentle, exfoliating and brightening masque and scrub promotes a youthful glow while minimizing pore appearance. Heals skin with Mastiha, Silver, Gold, Orange Plant Stem Cells and a rich blend of botanicals.


Skin Type: All skin types.


Key Ingredients:

1% Salicylic Acid- Astringent and Alalgesic 

Mastiha- Strengthens Immune System, Anti-inflammatory, Brightening

Shea Nut Shell Powder- Mechanical Exfoliant

Colloidal Silver- Wound Healer, Anti-inflammatory

Colloidal Gold- Skin Rejuvenator

Bearberry Extract- Natural Lightener

Mulberry Extract- Natural Brightener

Mandelic Acid- Keratolytic Agent

Tomato Extract- Potent Antioxidant

Summer Snowflake Extract- Anti-aging properties

Narcissus Extract- Cell Rejuvenator

Orange Plant Stem Cell- Protection and Repair

Lira Clinical MYSTIQ iLuminating Polisher (with plant stem cells)

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