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Ultra rich hydrating, repair, brightening and replenishing crème. 


The crème de la crème, this decadent, rich hydrating crème restores skin beauty with Caviar, Silver, Gold and Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells. Pamper skin with luxury hydration and beautiful brightening botanicals.


Skin Type: All skin types. Ideal for treating dry and dehydrated skin, photo damaged, pigmentation. Maintains skin correction. Beneficial post resurfacing treatment.


Key Ingredients:

Caviar- Cell Repair

Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells- Cell Repair, Skin Lightener

Azelaic Acid- Skin Lightener and Anti-redness

Gooseberry Extract- Skin Brightener

Mulberry Extract- Tyrosinase Inhibitor

Vitamin C: BV-OSC- Potent Antioxidant, Brightener

Kukui Nut Oil- Soothes and Softens Skin 

Macadamia Oil- Skin Smoothing Hydrator

Carob Seed Extract- Improves Skin Tone

Oligopeptide-51- Controls Melanin Formation

Colloidal Silver- Wound Healer, Anti-Inflammatory

Gold- Skin Rejuvenator

Green Tea- Potent Antioxidant, Melanin Supressor

Lira Clinical BIO Caviar Crème (with plant stem cells)

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